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Debian Turns 17.

Happy Birthday Debian. 🙂

1. Thank Debian.

2. Some cool facts about Debian.

3. Would like to start with Debian?

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Mini-Debian Conference 2010 : Repercussions

CoEP’s Free Software User Group (CoFSUG) team members and participants of the Mini Debian Conference 2010 had a meet on Thursday 12th August, to review the developments of the Mini-Debian Conference as a part of its activities. Key notes discussed were:

1. Places where the CoFSUG team members/volunteers lacked during the conference stressing the strong need to put up a better team effort.

2. How more students from the college especially the First and Second Years could be involved.

3. Reviewing the ratio of Windows/Dual Boot/Linux Users in the college.

4. Team Members taking up the responsibility of setting up Debian mirror for the college as well as setting up Images of various Linux Distros including Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, BackTrack, Xpud.

5. The impact of an event is determined by how many people eventually turn up after the event.

6. The efforts made during the workshops need to be taken further. People can start contributing with maintaining simple packages. With those finding difficulties, Pravin could be called up for help.  Also, visit the IRC for online help at #debian-in on

7. Setting up Help Desks once a week.