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Guide to Debian Installation: Installing Debian Testing (Squeeze)

With five days in hand after midsems and absolutely no apetite for anything remotely related to DS/DSGT/DSA/M3, I ended up installing Debian twice/thrice. So here I am posting all I learnt during the process. Any newbie, who wants to try his/her hand at Debian, you may find it as an easy guide.


Getting Debian

  1. Debian has three releases: stable, testing and unstable. This will help you know more.
  2. CD Images can be downloaded from here. Here’s the link to download Debian Testing alias Squeeze.
  3. Burn the iso file using Brasero Disk Burner if you’re on a Linux distro or using Nero if you’re on Windows.
  4. Because we cannot directly install Debian Unstable alias Sid, so we download Squeeze and after installation we upgrade it to  Sid. You can read this to make things clear.

Installing Debian Testing (Squeeze)

1.  Insert the Debian CD.


2.  You can configure the network during installation itself. Btw, we’ll be configuring it manually later.


3.  Choose any of the partitioning methods and proceed accordingly.

4.  Proceed with the installation.

5.  If you don’t get a graphical interface after installation, insert the Debian CD, at the command-line type su, enter your root password. If you don’t know what su does,  see this. Type,  #apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment . This will bring up the graphical desktop. Reboot.


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